The stunning entries in Cewe’s 2019 ‘Photo Award’ competition revealed

From a grizzly bear mother and cub in Alaska to a majestic mountain in Iceland: Stunning images pour in for top photography competition

  • The Cewe annual ‘Photo Award’ competition invites amateur and professional photographers to enter images 
  • There have been more than 175,000 entries so far and the 2019 competition is open until May 31
  • Cewe has let MailOnline Travel offer a sneak preview of the images that have been mesmerising the judges 


What do grizzly bears, galloping water buffalo and an Icelandic mountain have in common?

They’re all subject matters in the Cewe annual ‘Photo Award’ competition.

The photo book and online retailer has invited amateur and professional photographers from around the world to enter its contest and more than 175,000 entries have poured in so far. And some of them will prompt the jaw to drop.

Catering to all interests, there are ten subject categories – people, animals, nature, architecture and infrastructure, landscapes, humour, sport, food, travel and culture, and hobby and leisure.

For those who fancy trying to land a prize, submissions are open until May 31 with the winners announced at a glittering awards ceremony on September 25.

Here MailOnline Travel presents a selection of the stunning entries that have caught the judges’ eyes so far…

A mother grizzly bear takes a break in the sun with her cub in this extraordinary shot taken in Alaska by Knud Fuusgaard

The sensational Kirkjufell mountain, located on the north coast of Iceland’s Snæfellsnes peninsula, is captured in a new perspective in this otherworldly photograph by Frank Seltmann

A giant wave leaps into the sky during a sea storm in Varigotti, Italy, in this beautifully lit landscape shot by Giovanni Allievi

In Padang, Indonesia, farmers race their water buffalo across the rice fields before farming season, believing it is lucky if their buffalo wins the race. One of these races has been captured in a dynamic shot by Alamsyah Rauf

A boat hugs the banks of the Acheneau River in France in the quiet early morning light in this photo by Donovan Heneman

A couple of trees stand proudly against the impending rain as it casts a gloomy glow over Fjærland in Norway in this shot by Pavla Batkova

Seven skiers trek across the snow in this photo taken in the Alps, by Roam Jaros

An Alpine Ibex can be seen surveying its kingdom in Bern, Switzerland, in this mountainous shot by Radomir Jakubowski

The sun sets over the rainbow houses of Houten, Netherlands, in this shot by Kai Diederichs

A fallen tree sinks into the water in a stunning use of perspective by Radoslaw Zubrycki, who’s from Poland

A young ballet dancer nervously waits to rehearse her performance piece in the setting sun of Havana, Cuba, in this portrait by Conny Muller

A field of sunflowers bloom in the late evening light in this golden shot in Tarnobrzeg, Poland, by Jakub Koziol

A cat casts its eyes up to the sky in a moment of rare stillness in this striking black-and-white shot taken in Austria by Sylvie Schmuttermeie

A skilled surfer flies high above the waves in Florianópolis, Brazil, in this action shot by Gabriel Varalla

A trio of holy monks, called sadhus, meditate on the streets of Varanasi, India, in this candid portrait by Gabor Wavrik

A young man busks for the crowds at Broadway Market in London in this shot by Miriam Nazaret Fernandez

Credit: The stunning entries in Cewe’s 2019 ‘Photo Award’ competition revealed